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Probate and Wills

Probate, Wills and related litigation services in Limerick City and surrounding areas.

The period following the death of a spouse, relative or friend will always be a difficult time for those involved. We can manage the orderly transfer of assets and the processing of the Estate.

We deal with wills and estate planning, administration of estates and probates.

Our services include:

.         Drafting and execution of wills.

.         Planning the orderly transfer of assets.

.         Outlining the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved.

.         Extracting Grants of Probate and Administration.

.         Arranging specialist tax advise where necessary.

.         Obtaining Tax Clearance Certificates from the Revenue Commissioners.

.         Advising on Powers of Attorney, both Ordinary and Enduring.

.         Advising on Wardships, where necessary.

.        Advising on and defending actions pursuant to s 117 of the Succession Act 1965.  Under Section 117 of the Succession Act, a child who feels that they have not been properly provided for by the estate of their late parent, may bring an application to the Court for provision out of the parents' estate.

.        Advising on actions pursuant to s 120 (2) of the Succession Act 1965.  This section is where there is an allegation of 'spousal desertion' against a surviving spouse with a view to excluding that spouse from taking the share of the Estate of the deceased that they would ordinarily be entitled to.  In order to be excluded it must be shown to the satisfaction of the court that the surviving spouse was in desertion as defined by the Succession Act for two years immediately prior to the death of the other spouse.