We provide a wide range of Commercial legal advice and support

We advise businesses and their owners on everything from workplace disputes, commercial contracts, Trade Marks, Intellectual property, the sale or purchase of a business,  and where a company has failed to file their Annual Return on time we frequently apply to the District Court for an extension of time to file their Annual Return. We can also help companies who have been struck off with their High Court Restoration application and we have been liquidation to a number of companies who are solvent and wish to avail of a Members Voluntary Liquidation.  A Members Voluntary Liquidation is available to a company that is solvent and wishes to close the business in the correct way.


Brian Moloney is a registered Trade Mark Agent and regularly advices businesses on applying for Irish and European Trade Marks.

A trade mark is a valuable piece of intellectual property. Any company/individual who wishes to protect their brand from use by others should seriously consider applying for a Trade Mark.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The transfer, or sale of a business is a significant undertaking

We advise business owners who are either looking to sell their business or purchase one.  The transfer of a business is a significant undertaking and requires substantial research and legal advice.

Workplace Disputes

Workplace relations and disputes crop up in all businesses. We can help steer you down the safe path.

We help with workplace compliance ensuring that staff have proper contracts of employment and that the company have policies and procedures in place to deal with workplace relations and disputes.

Company Registrations and High Court Resolutions

Struck Off? Late ARD? Liquidation? We can help…

In the last few years we have made numerous applications to the District Court here in Limerick on behalf of companies that have failed to file their Annual Returns on time.  We handle all the paperwork and make sure that the C.R.O. are put on notice of the application. If the application is granted there is a huge saving to the company as they don’t then go in to audit. We have been appointed liquidator on a number of times over the years to undertake a Members Voluntary Liquidation. A Members Voluntary Liquidation is where a solvent company wishes to wind down but in an orderly and efficient manner.  We also advise companies who have been struck off. If the company has been struck off for 12 months or more then a High Court Company Restoration is required.  A High Court Company Restoration will only be undertaken by a company if there is a very good reason e.g. the company is the owner of a valuable property and the company wishes to sell that property but can’t as it is struck off.