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Copyright & Design Law

Copyright subsists in original works of literary, artistic, musical or dramatic works.  Copyright also exists in things like sound recordings, film, website content, books and newspapers and typographical arrangements and even website content.

Copyright generally vests with the creator of the relevant works and is automatic.  There is no facility in Ireland to register a copyrighted work.  The unauthorised copying of a work which is protected by copyright is illegal and constitutes infringement.  The use of the © sign is not necessary but is however advisable in order to protect your work.

We advise on the acquisition, transfer and licensing of copyright work and also infringement of rights relating to these areas.

Design Law is concerned with the appearance of things i.e. products and design law overlaps with copyright to a large extent.

Moloney & Associates are registered Community Design Attorneys.  We make national and European Community Design applications.  National applications are filed with the Patents Office.  Registered Community Design Rights offer protection on an E.U. wide level and applications of this sort are far more common that national filings.. Designs must be new and have individual character in order to be registrable.  Registered Design Rights can be renewed every 5 years for a maximum of 25 years.  Unregistered Community Designs last for 3 years and must meet the same requirement as for a Registered Community Design i.e.novely & individual character.